Why Notdienst Touch?

It's easy to use.

Notdienst management is typically one of many responsibilities on your plate. You likely have a million other things to do so your time spent managing Notdienst should be quick and effective. You shouldn't need a computer science background to understand your Notdienst management software. That's why we're committed to making Notdienst Touch easy to use.

It comes to you.

You're in your email all day — both at your desk and on your phone. Notdienst Touch goes to where its users are to proactively remind them of on-call duty and any reminders you've setup. It doesn't expect you to log in all the time to keep up with the team.

It's collaborative.

Sure it may be one person's responsibility to oversee the the Notdienst service, but there are a lot of other stakeholders when your business is customer service focused. The more everyone can stay informed and share the responsibility and accountability of managing the Notdienst services, the better you serve your customers.

Since using Notdienst Touch, our customers have been better informed and they see more relevant adverts during the day. The amount of time and money it has saved has been enormous!

Wolfgang Steyer, Weitling Apotheke

It's a convenient repository.

Finding the calendar for the upcoming holiday schedule shouldn't take an hour of rummaging through boxes and file cabinets. Contact details, calendars and other important details, are all in one place and accessible anywhere with Notdienst Touch.

It promotes better time investments.

By using Notdienst software to stay on top of your Notdienst plans, you can truly boost your productivity and get more value out of the time you have.