All About Nodienst Touch

The Notdienst Touch Story

After talking with tons of pharmacists that create Emergency Service Calendars as part of daily operations, we realized many weren't doing much to automate changes in the schedule, display the correct pharmacy or to display product information.

Some were using spreadsheets and some were printing out the information then fixing in to the front window, but that was slow and manual. Most pharmacies didn't manage the presentation of customer relevant information in their front window because it was either too hard, or it just took too much time.

They all knew this was a bad approach to managing the presentation of local on-call pharmacies, relevant customer information and new product information in the front window, but they couldn't find anything affordable that suited their needs.

With the help of some motivated early-adopter customers, we started building Notdienst Touch in the winter of 2011.

Our goal is to help pharmacists and pharmacy owners become more efficient.

Notdienst Touch will continue to evolve with time, but the core values will stay the same.

  • It must be easy to use.
  • It must be collaborative.
  • It must go where the users are.
  • It must be the repository for everything pharmacy related.
  • It must help pharmacies to be more efficient.

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Notdienst Touch is made by Signal East, a software company based near Berlin, Germany. We focus on creating web applications that seek to improve efficiency and foster increase.


Remington Splettstoesser

Remington is a passionate software engineer with more than 10 years experience. He's worked at large and small companies, developed and launched products from scratch, and held strategic management roles before starting his own company.