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Sparen Zeit und Geld mit der Notdienst Software für die moderne Apotheke. Unsere neue Software für den Apotheken Notdienst ist ein alternatives System zu den manuellen Notdiensttafeln und/oder den konstenintensiven Notdienstanlagen.

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All Notdienst details in one place

Eliminate clutter and keep all Notdienst information in one safe and secure place — accessible online anytime, anywhere.

Advertisements, contact and pharmacy data, easy to use calendar... Everything needed to manage Notdienst services can be kept in Notdienst Touch.


Web-based advertising

Control what advertisements run at certain times to keep your customers informed, and yourself.

Create custom schedules for all of your relevant information to be systematically displayed wherever internet is present.


Reminders in your inbox

Reminders automatically email you when your pharmacy has Notdienst services, advertisements should be renewed, or when your calendar should be finished for the upcoming year.

The next due date or notification is sent via email or SMS and automatically recalculates when you've updated your calendar or advertisement reel.


Online Database

Provide your customers with an accurate, up-to-date, searchable Notdienst calendar that is maintained by your team.


Reduce errors and ensure reliability

Setting up your Notdienst calendar electronically reduces the risk for errors and allows for automated display based on a schedule you set up personally.


Improve efficiency with your pharmacy

Manage unplanned changes with the calendar and keep your customers better informed. Display multiple pharmacies throughout the day. Get reminded when it's time to update advertisements, customer information or your Notdienst plan. Save time and money by being more organized.


Manage more efficiently and reduce costs

Increase your bottom line by reducing costs that changes may incur and be better prepared for unforeseen expenditures. Eliminate long-term contracts and fees because of overdue software licenses and upgrade costs.


Multiple users per account

The Notdienst service is a mission-critical part of daily operations. Better visibility leads to better communication.

Increase visibility into your Notdienst operations and costs for all stakeholders and keep everyone in the loop.

Watch the 2-minute overview of the latest features.

Notdienst-Touch has allowed us to focus on our primary concentration — Marketing and Business Development.

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